"Trouble" - Lay zum Battle... von Goddess

You think you're right

But you were wrong

You tried to take me

But I knew all along

You can take me

For a ride

I'm not a fool out

So you better run and hide


Falling like raindrops
on hot Las Vegan asphalt.

Lingering on the ground for only seconds
before they are floating in the air
to the heavens above.

Sadly cried
but soon happily remembered
as the goodbye of a beloved.

It's the not knowing
of what will come next
making it not sadder than it is.

'Cause one day we'll be together again.
Not in this world
but in those to come.

And nothing will ever part us again.
And nothing can part us now.
'Cause in my heart you'll always be here with me."

by me...

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7.2.07 19:16

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